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Full Bankruptcy Defense

Are you facing financial difficulty, whether as an individual or a business owner? Do you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances? Let E. Foy McNaughton of McNaughton Law Group guide you through the process of filing bankruptcy protection in Angola, Indiana.

Criminal Law

Have You Been Arrested? E. Foy McNaughton of McNaughton Law Group brings 20 years of legal expertise to his law practice in Angola, Indiana. E. Foy McNaughton has vast experience in a variety of cases through his practice as both a public defender and private defense counsel.

National Association of OWI Attorneys

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Angola, IN, you may feel like your life is over. But don’t worry! E. Foy McNaughton is a defense attorney who’s skilled in handling cases involving DUIs and OWIs. He’ll work on your behalf so that you can face your case with confidence.

21 Years of Proven Experience

For 20 years, E. Foy McNaughton has offered his services to clients for a range of legal situations in Angola, Indiana. Whether you’re facing a legal hurdle as an individual, or as the representative of a business, you’ll find the expert advice and savvy you need at McNaughton Law Group.


Arrested and charged with a crime? The McNaughton Law Group, LLC can help. Attorney McNaughton will guide you through the specific legal process for your charge and make sure you’re fully informed of what’s at stake. He’ll analyze the facts of your case and recommend the most appropriate defensive strategy for you. You can count on attorney McNaughton to work toward the best possible resolution for your case! He’ll pursue reduced charges or sentencing depending on the severity of your legal matter. 

Whether you’re due in court because of a DUI or petty theft, you can count on the McNaughton Law Group, LLC to provide quality representation. Schedule a consultation by calling (855) 624-2292.


The McNaughton Law Group, LLC has extensive experience handling a variety of legal matters. You can trust attorney McNaughton to effectively handle cases relating to:

Criminal law
Bankruptcy law
Mortgage foreclosures

He’ll give your case the attention it deserves! Contact McNaughton Law Group, LLC to learn more.


If you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless financial situation, bankruptcy may provide some major relief. McNaughton Law Group, LLC of Angola, IN can help you determine which bankruptcy filing option is right for you. Attorney McNaughton will walk you through your available options and point you toward the best option for your unique needs. Once you’ve made your decision, he’ll draft the appropriate documents and file for you.

See what attorney McNaughton can do to help you by reaching out to McNaughton Law Group, LLC today.

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